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Preis Organ Planer 250ml

Preis Organ Planer 250ml
For invertebrates, algae, and seawater fish from shallow zones,for pretreatment of fresh water. ORGANŽ PLANER SEE is a finely tuned combination of active substances that has been proven in prolonged laboratory tests; the product is continually being improved. Once the product is added to aquarium water, heavy metals are immediately transformed into organic complexes and rendered harmless. At the same time the oxydationreduction balance is adjusted to a level that is ideal for animals, fishesand plants, thus reducing the detrimental effects artificial seawater has on animal and plant tissue. A balanced mixture of vitamins and nutrients optimizes the care of delicate animals and algae. Protein-skimming is improved, as a considerable amount of damaging metal compounds is skimmed out. Cultivation of complex algae ismade possible by the use of ORGANŽ PLANER SEE. With PREIS KOHLE in the filter it becomes possible to construct an artificial ecological system that is indispensable for the successful care of invertebrates, fish, and complex algae of all species. ORGANŽ PLANER SEE and PREIS KOHLE complement each other ideally.
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