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SCHURAN Magno Clean

SCHURAN Magno Clean
The MAGNOCLEAN is a magnetic screen cleaner for an aquarium which consists of two seawater resistant parts. In both parts of the units high quality Neodymium magnets are integrated. The MAGNOCLEAN can be either used for rectangular or round tanks if they are made of Plexiglas. The construction enables to clean vaulted screen above a radius of 450mm. In contrast to normal magnetic cleaners these are not covered with a rough surface, but with exchangeable PE blades. These make it easy to scrape off algae as other encrusting organisms from the screens. The outer part with the grip can be directed easily over the screen due to the O-ring covered wheels reducing the friction to a minimum. MAGNOCLEAN Dimensions: 170 x 90mm Height of the inner unit: 50mm Magnetic force: 280 Newton
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